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ABOUT Latwa ltd.

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Latwa Ltd. offers an innovative solution – laser cleaning machine, which cleans rust, paint, oil and oxides and takes off other kinds of unnecessary upper layer.

Laser surface cleaning is a non-contact, physical removal of the upper layer by exposing the laser beam to the material that is to be cleaned. The laser cleaning technology machines are available with capacity starting from 50W up to 1000W.

Latwa LTD Offers Both Buying And Leasing

Laser cleaning machine trade, warranty and service for the machinery which cleans the surface using the laser beam or light chisel without any use of chemicals and abrasives.

Laser surface cleaning technology is a non-contact and no-abrasive process, which can replace chemical and abrasive cleaning methods. There is no use of chemicals and no secondary waste production within the process of laser surface cleaning.

Lease price for the cleaning service is starting from 75 up to 300 EUR/H + VAT 21%.


Latwa ltd.

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